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Welcome to our 4th Grade Classroom website! I am excited to be joining Lakewood Elementary's amazing 4th Grade team this year. Please feel free to look around and subscribe to our website. 
Water Bottles - Students are given the opportunity to have a water bottle in class as needed, as well as for after physical activity such as recess or PE. Please send a flip top reusable water bottle with your child's name on it for in class use.
Snack- Students are allowed to bring one healthy snack to class each day. We will have snack around 9:50 each morning. Please be aware that this snack needs to be a dry healthy snack. (Wet Snacks for example are: apple sauce, fruit cups with liquid, Fruit that is juicy ect.) Only water will be allowed during snack. All other drinks will be saved for lunch. Also, this is considered a "working snack time" Students will be expected to continue working while enjoying a brief snack. 

Customizing Reader's and Writer's Notebooks


Dear Parents,

Starting on Thursday, August 24th, students will be customizing and organizing their composition notebooks in class. We will be using these as our Reader's and Writer’s Notebooks. As authors and readers, students will think of their notebooks as containers for their work.  Therefore, the items we choose to adorn the cover should inspire students’ best stories.  Please help your child find meaningful decoration items such as photos, ticket/movie stubs, magazine cut-outs, printed images, drawn pictures, stickers etc. that relate to your child’s favorites in the following categories: people, places, things, activities, events, and goals/dreams.


If they wish, your student can bring any scrapbook paper (6 - 12X12 paper, not cardstock).  It is also optional for students to bring a roll of decorative duct tape for use on their book bags and notebook. These decorative items are entirely optional, and are only meant for students to be able to customize their notebooks. Students will cover both their Readers and Writers Notebook on Thursday, August 24th.

Students have fun covering their notebooks, but also benefit from using their collages daily in workshop.  We will be using packing tape to “laminate” the covers, so please do not send items you wish to have returned.  


Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to help tape notebooks, that would be wonderful!  Please check Remind for more information. Donations of stickers and scrapbook paper for classroom use would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!  

Please send any decorative items to school with your student no later than Friday, August 25th as we will not be designing our notebooks after this date and “lamination” will begin. Thank you!

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Remind- Parent Communication

 Remind is an app you can download for free or subscribe to via text messages. I will be using this to communicate with parents throughout the year! It is a great tool for you to use as well. There is a feature where you can send me private messages if you have a question or concern.