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Links Learn and practice coding with tutorials and open practice!
Escape the PAC Use the game code below.


Google Classroom  A quick link for students to access the google classroom.
No more Recess Game Code: TJF-WIR-72U (copy this before clicking the link)

Mr. Herwig has lost his mind!

He is trying to convince Mrs. Porter that the students need to skip recess and spend that time studying for the upcoming STAAR tests!

Mrs. Porter has decided that he may be right. However, she has challenged Mr. Herwig to prove that the students are not ready for the STAAR test by devising a challenge.

Mr. Herwig has accepted that challenge and has devised a series of tests which must be solved and unlocked in order for the students to breakout and enjoy their much deserved recess!

Prove him wrong and potentially enjoy some extra recess time!
Scratch A coding site from M.I.T. that allows for creative exploration!
Set, Sudoku, and KenKen puzzles The New York Times offers a series of great Math and Logic puzzles!
Socrative Quiz website.
Ted Ed A wonderful site with lots of thought provoking videos. I challenge you to try and solve the riddles!
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