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Welcome to our 4th Grade Classroom website! I am excited to be joining Lakewood Elementary's amazing 4th Grade team this year. Please feel free to look around and subscribe to our website. 
Water Bottles - Students are given the opportunity to have a water bottle in class as needed, as well as for after physical activity such as recess or PE. Please send a flip top reusable water bottle with your child's name on it for in class use.
Snack: Students may choose to bring a healthy snack to enjoy during class. The snack must be easy to eat without utensils so that students may eat and continue learning. 
Conference Time (By Appointment Only): 8:50am - 9:50am on Mondays and Wednesdays. Other arrangements can be made for after school conferences. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a parent conference. 
Transportation Changes
We understand that sometimes changes need to be made to after school dismissal procedures. If your child needs to go home a different way, please send a written note that includes your child's name, homeroom teacher, transportation change, effective dates of the change, parent contact information and parent signature. For your child's safety, we cannot accept email, voicemail or your child's word for a transportation change. If you cannot send a note, please call the front office no later than 2:00pm to ensure our classroom will be notified before dismissal.
HeadphonesYour child may choose to bring headphones or earbuds to keep in their backpack for personal in class use. 

Mrs. Smith's Homeroom Schedule:
Specials: 8:40 - 9:50
 PE Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Specials Rotation: Tues/Thursday
Week 1 Rotation: Mr. Bainbridge, Music
Week 2 Rotation: Mrs. Heinrich, Music
Week 3 Rotation: Mrs. McNickle, Art
AM Snack: 10:00am
Morning Block 9:50 - 1:00pm
Lunch: 11:42am - 12:12pm
Switch Classes: 1:00pm
Afternoon Block: 1:00pm - 3:45pm
Recess: 1:30pm - 3:50pm
PM Snack: 2:00pm
Dismissal: 3:50pm

Recent Posts

Reminder: Texas Wax Museum Day - May 23rd

Texas Wax Museum Day is NEXT WEDNESDAY! The students are so excited! 
Your child will need to dress up like the person they chose to research. They will pose as a wax figure while audience members travel around. They will need to give facts. (We are making note cards in class.) This is SO MUCH FUN!!!! The kids are excited to tackle obstacles such as how to style their hair, what props to use/make, and what outfit to wear? Rummage through your old Halloween costumes, parents closets, thrift shops, and see what you can find. Google for a great close-up picture and see if you can replicate it.
More details on the event are located on the information flyer in a previous website post. 
The Texas Wax Museum will take place in the cafeteria and front foyer. Visitors should plan ahead for check in procedures.

9:30 - 10:15 - Smith, DiPersio, Wells, Brough
1:45 - 2:30 - Oliver, Wilganowski, Huynh, Frick


Dear Parents,
Thank you for absolutely spoiling me this week. I have loved all the sweet cards, notes, and goodies from your children. Thank you for making me feel loved and appreciated. I love being your child's teacher!
Mrs. Smith

STAAR Vocabulary for 4th Nine Weeks

Dear Parents,
We have been working on these terms all year long with a particular focus during the 4th Grading Period. Students have access to these in Google Classroom but I also wanted to give you access as well. 
We will have a matching quiz tomorrow, May 11th, over these terms. 

STAAR Writing - At Home Brainstorming

STAAR Writing requires 4th grade students to state an opinion and explain reasons to support that opinion.  During the writing process, brainstorming a topic to write about can be the most challenging part for our students. You can help with this process just by having a daily conversation with your child.


Using the topics below as a starting point, ask your child to tell you their opinion and support their opinion with 3 reasons. For example, if the topic is “a place you like to visit” your child could say “I like to visit Disney World because it has fun rides, I get to spend time with my family, and I get to eat lots of fun food shaped like Mickey.” Your child will even benefit if everyone in your family gave their opinion as well. This is a quick activity that can be done in the car, at the dinner table or as you're winding down for the day.

  • favorite animal
  • favorite hobby
  • a person who has made a positive influence
  • Something you would change about school or the world
  • best thing about 4th Grade
  • favorite book
  • favorite sport
  • holiday that means the most to you
  • favorite movie or TV show
  • favorite way to exercise
  • ways to be healthy
  • best friend
  • a future career
  • a way you can improve your community
  • a pet peeve or something that bugs you
  • if you could trade places with someone for a day
  • a place to go on a school trip or family vacation

Thank you for continuing to support your child’s academic learning each and every day.

The One and Only Ivan - Tomball Reads

Dear Parents,
Attached is the letter from our librarian, Mrs. Taylor about the book The One and Only Ivan that your student received on Friday, January 19th. We will be doing various lessons in class based on the schedule that will be in your child's Wednesday folder and is also listed at the bottom of the attached letter.
Your child should read at home each night and bring the book to school daily. 
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Happy Reading!
Mrs. Smith

Healthy Habits

Dear Parents,
Please assist us in promoting healthy habits at school. Here are some ways you can help:
Water Bottles - Please send your child with a reusable water bottle. (Walmart had some for $.60 over the weekend) Flip Top or sports tops are preferred to decrease the amount of spills in the classroom. Access to personal water bottles helps students stay hydrated without the need to leave the room to get water. Students have the opportunity to refill the water bottle as needed, including at lunch. This also reduces the need to use the water fountain, which will hopefully reduce spreading of germs.
Snacks - Please send 1-2 healthy snacks with your child each day. Snacks choices should be easy to eat and no utensils needed. Please refrain from sending any type of dips, cookies, chips or sticky items. Recommended choices include, but are not limited to: fruit, veggies, high protein snacks, goldfish, pretzels. 
Students are given the opportunity to wash hands before lunch and hand-sanitizer is available in the classroom. If you choose to send students with a personal hand-sanitizer, please make sure it is unscented. 
Thank you in helping our students stay healthy and focused on learning. 

Spelling Menu

Dear Parents,
I have attached a Spelling Menu your child can use to practice words at home. As of right now, I will not be collecting spelling homework from students. Students will receive a recommended practice page that allows for choice on how to practice their spelling words. Students and parents will need to decide how much practice needs to happen at home in order to be prepared to identify the spelling pattern and use it appropriately within writing. This is to promote responsibility and self-directed learning as your child prepares for intermediate school. Our goal is to also have a small amount of time to manipulate and study these words in class throughout the week. 

Students will be given 15 words to study on Monday. As part of their word study, students will find 5 words that follow the weekly spelling pattern similar to the words provided. Students will be tested on the 15 words provided as well as 5 additional words chosen by the teacher.
Students should have their spelling words in their folder on Monday of each week. My goal is to post the words on Spelling City for the following week on Friday.

Mrs. Smith's 4th Grade Bloomz Information

 Bloomz is a website and app that I use as a communication tool for our classroom. The link on my webpage "Parent/Teacher Communication" has more information about how this program is used.
You can download the file above for the access code to join our class. I will verify and approve all parent join requests.