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Welcome to Kindergarten!



About the Teacher

NAME: Kristina Roberts
SCHOOL: Lakewood Elementary
CLASS: Kindergarten
SCHOOL PHONE: 281-357-3260 x 3687
CONFERENCE TIME: 12:45-1:45pm
Dear Kindergarten Parents,
I am so thrilled to start the new year with your children! Our days can be very long especially at the beginning of the year so please be patient with your child when he/she comes home from school. 
I grew up in Houston, and I graduated from Baylor University in Waco, TX. I also received a Masters degree in Education from The University of St. Thomas here in Houston, TX. This will be my 9th year of teaching with 5 of those previous years being in Kindergarten. I absolutely LOVE Kindergarten and am excited beyond belief to be back.
I am having my first child (a boy) some time in September. I will miss my sweet students dearly, but I will be back after 8 weeks (approximately the first week in December) to pick up where I left off. My goal this school year is to develop a wonderful working relationship with each and every one of my families, so please do not hesitate to email me at any time for any question or concern. Yes, even when I'm out! I will try to check it a couple of times a week.
A Few of My Favorite Things
My Favorite:
Color – Turquoise
Drink – Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Iced Tea (no lemon!)
Snack - Gardetto's and Chex Mix
Food – Mexican!!!
TV Show – The Office, Parks and Recreation, LIVE PD!!! and any other investigative shows
- My family
- ANIMALS - especially my Oliver kitty 
- Books
- Chocolate
- Cheesecake
- Modern amenities :)