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Here is the next unit in social studies.  We will focus on significant figures in history.  This will go along with the reading unit.  In reading, we are focused on literary non-fiction, which includes biographies.

Recent Posts

Word Work

I wanted to let you know that I've added a Word Work page to the website.  Here you will find links to the spelling patterns for your student.  This coming week, all students in my class are on the same list.  We are working on contractions.

Book Character Dress-Up Day

This Friday, November 16, is Book Character Dress Up Day!  I can't wait to see which characters you will choose.  You can wear your costume to school.  We might even have a special parade in the afternoon.
Print this form and add information about your book/character!

Writing a Personal Narrative: Closing

Using your notes in your WNB about Closings/Endings, watch this video and learn about different ways that you can wrap up or end your personal narrative. Closings are the last thing readers will remember about our story, so we want it to be AMAZING!

Writing A First Draft

This video will explain how to write a strong first draft of your seed story. You can type or write your draft when the video is over. If you already wrote your draft, use the ideas in the video to revise your draft and make it EVEN BETTER!

King Midas

This is a myth: a type of traditional story that teaches a moral or lesson. Listen to this story. Ask yourself these two questions 1. What are the events that happened in the story? 2. What did King Midas learn because of the events that happened to him?