About Mrs. McNickle

Art Teacher at Lakewood Elementary
Hello and welcome to Art Class! I am so happy to be your students' teacher and really look forward to making some wonderful memories this year with our new school family. I absolutely love teaching and feel that the most important thing in the classroom is having a connection with each student. Once this is established, let the fun begin!

I have taught kindergarten, first grade, and ART, which I absolutely love!  I am also certified to teach GT and ESL . I have been married to my wonderful husband, Tony, for 8 years and have three boys. We enjoy swimming in our pool, traveling to our lake house at Canyon Lake, eating out, reading books, going to concerts, crafting, and spending time with family.

MY Favorites!!!
Favorite Color: mint
Favorite Sport: football
Favorite Holiday: Halloween!!! Christmas, Easter, Valentines!  I love holidays!
Favorite Animal: chimpanzees
Favorite Dessert: cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate
Favorite Fast Food: Chick Fil A, Whataburger
Favorite Food: mexican
Favorite places to shop: Target, Marshalls, Hobby Lobby
Favorite Things: Scentsy's, snow cones, coffee, floating the river, baking,
spending time with my family, swimming, reading,
going to the movies, and taking pictures

These are a few things I try to keep in mind each day:
-Start each day with an open mind, open heart, and a smile.
-Make every lesson an adventure.
-Treat every student with respect and dignity.
-Reward the effort as well as the end result.
-End each day knowing that a caring teacher can change the world.
In this class, your student will:
-organize and develop artistic ideas
-analyze, interpret, and select artistic work for presentation
-perceive and analyze artistic work
-refine and complete artistic work



This week we are going to make a portrait. A portrait is a picture of a person. Who do you think a self portrait is a picture of? To create our portrait or a self portrait we are going to use things found in nature. Look around outside to see what can you use? Grass, leaves, branches, flowers, rocks, and what else? Once you've created your portrait or self portrait take a picture and email it to Mrs. McNickle or Mrs. Easton!
2nd grade
James Rizzi Self Portraits with 2nd grade.  His motto is "Keep Smiling" and you can see why!  These portraits bring a smile to my face!
Texture Monsters with Kinder
Texture Monsters with Kinder.  WE read the book, Hey, That's My Monster and created different monsters with unique details such as tails, claws, horn, eyelashes, teeth, etc.  Cutest Monsters Ever!  Next day, we used texture plates and crayons for the bodies and added different textures to the backgrounds.  Love these !
4th grade Wonder Portraits
I love this project!  We discussed self portraits and how artists don't necessarily create themselves on what they actually look like but how they want you to perceive them on the inside.  This tied in beautifully with the book, Wonder.  The boy is beautiful on the inside and no matter what we look like on the outside we all have beautiful qualities.  After drawing our Wonder portrait we wrote positive adjectives to describe ourselves around it.  Next we chose warm or cool colors, some chose both, to also describe our personality whether we are cool/ calm (blues, purples, greens) or warm/bubbley/ outgoing (yellows, organges, red) for our face.  This also tied in with some amazing Great Expectation Life Principles.  
My On- ARTs
Use the QR code to go to MyOn and find interesting articles about art in current events.  Make sure to answer the questions and writing response.  There will be a grade level competition to see how many books we can read all together!  
Mrs. McNickle at Candytopia
We got to start off the year with "Candytopia" in the art room.  The kids have had a blast using candy to make their very unique creations!  We've seen everything from unicorns and spiders to sharks, airplanes, robots, and even Mrs. McNickle.  Thank you to for all the donations and making this such a fun, memorable experience for the kids!
1st grade Todd Parr self portraits
We read the book, It's OK to be Different with our 1st graders and created our own self portraits using primary and secondary colors, just like the author and illustrator, Todd Parr.  Look how amazing and different each one turned out!