Quote of the Week:

"Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accompish what others can't."

Jerry Rice



 Lakewood Creed



I am a Lakewood wildcat, united in blue and white.

I believe anything is possible with the right attitude, perseverance and teamwork.

I will be open to the challenges of learning.

My failures will not stop or define me. I will use them as stepping stones to success.

I will put forth a genuine effort to make this day the best I can.






Unit 5 Common Assessment on Geometry

Next Thursday we will be taking the Unit 5 District Common Assessment.  

Wednesday Folders

Wednesday folder will be coming home tomorrow instead of today.  Please make sure to sign card and return only the card with the folder. 

No School

No school tomorrow because of possible bad weather conditions, please stay safe and warm.

Math and Science

Don't forget to study for the Force of Motion Assessment tommorrow.  In math keep studying your the multiplication facts. 

Multiplication Facts

Please continue to work on multipliction facts.  This week we will be looking at facts 0-7 and next week looking at x8.  

Multiplication Facts

Please make sure to study the multiplication facts.  Our focus this week is multiples of 7.

Nutcracker Field Trip

Don't forget to bring a sack lunch on Friday for our lunch in the classroom. 

Unit 2 Mid Unit Common Assessment

Don't forget to study for the Unit 2 Mid Unit Common Assessment this Friday.