Box Tops for Education

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 Clip and turn in Box Tops for cash.

The LES library will once again participate in the Box Tops for Education program by collecting Box Tops from selected products. 

Last year the Box Tops for Education program raised about $1,500 which was used to purchase books, engineering materials, technology, and other materials for students to use in the library. Our goal is $2,000 this year.

How can you help?  It’s simple, just download the app and scan your receipts or clip Box Tops from product containers and send them to school with your child to this/her homeroom teacher.

Go to for details.

If you have any questions concerning the program or would like to help volunteer to count Box Tops for your child’s homeroom, please contact Ms. Taylor at 281-357-3260 or at

Remember to enlist extended family members to clip and send too.

Clip all summer long.




There's an App for That:
Need more Box Tops Collection Sheets? Click below: