#BookBrags (Reading Program)

#bookbrags is a new program from my friend and librarian Mrs. Watson @ DPES created to help get our kids excited about reading.
It is a program ALL students at LES can participate in! 
Talking about books we are reading promotes the love of reading as well as comprehension. 
Here is how the program works:
  • All students do is share their favorite book at school. It can be a book from our library, from home, one they got as a gift, an ebook, or any book!
  • They share the book's title, author, a brief summary (don't spoil the ending), and their favorite part or why it is their favorite book.
  • You can also create something at home to bring to school that shows information about the book.
Ways to share a book (not limited to these options): Students check off a mark by their name on the class log after a book is shared.
  • Use Flipgrid to record a #bookbrag (with parent permission): https://flipgrid.com/7edbc0ba (must be logged in to student Google Account)
  • Sign up for permission here: https://bit.ly/3D1pPr3
  • Record a #bookbrag on Screencastify and send it in to your teacher or the librarian.
  • Fill out a Twitter raffle Ticket. (in the library)
  • Turn to a buddy in class and talk about your book. Mark it off on the class check-off sheet.
  • Take one minute after reading time in class and let students share about their books.
  • Share on the announcements or during Rise and Shine.
  • Create a poster or other graphic to post around the school.
  • Create a skit, record it and send it to your teacher or librarian.
  • Create a skit and present it at school.
  • Create a stop-motion animation video. (find in the app store or in Google Account).
  • Create a green screen video - (ex: DoInk app or iMovie app)
  • Create a persuasive writing letter to get a friend to read your book.
  • Draw a picture to share about the book.
  • Create a reader's notebook. Click here for ideas - https://www.pinterest.com/techchef4u/
  • Write a reading response and turn it into the library. (must have a full name and teacher's name).
  • Use Bloxels to create a "game" and tell about the story (don't give away the ending).
  • There are so many ways! Send me your favorite way to share and I'll add it to this page.
  • Link to our Flipgrid (must be signed into a school Google account to access)
It's that easy!
My goal is to get our LES students and staff excited about reading.
If you have any questions or want my help in sharing your child's creative way to share their book, just let me know!
Sign up here to give your student permission to use our Flipgrid:
Click the image below to create a #bookbrags Flipgrid video...