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Accountability Reports

From this site you may access the Accountability Summaries and Data Tables for Campuses or the District. These show each campus or district's accountability rating and the information used to determine those ratings.  The ratings are: Met Standard, Improvement Required, or Not Rated. In addition to the rating, the classification (Met Standards/Did Not Meet Standards) is shown for each performance index evaluated. To receive a Met Standard rating, campuses and districts must meet or exceed the target score on all indexes for which they have performance data.  An explanation of the Performance Indexes can be found below in the document, “Overview of Performance Index Framework.”

Distinction Designations. In addition to Accountability Ratings, this report identifies campuses that demonstrate progress that is better than 75% of the 40 campuses most like them and academic achievement that places them in the top 25% of those same campuses for Reading/ELA and Mathematics.  

State Website. Even more information and reports on the state and all districts and campuses in the state may be found at the state’s website