Sizzling Science Links


Sizzling Science Links

Following are some recommended links to broaden your knowledge of the subjects we are learning in school:

Search Engines for Kids

Google Safe Search for Kids



Google Safe Images

Science Images for


Science Websites and Experiments

Interactive Science Sites

Science Tools

Brainpop Jr. - Login info needed

Science Bob

Science Zoom

Science Vocabulary

Science Experiments

Magic School Bus -

Stories, Activities, Games

Engineering and Science Fields for the Future

How Stuff Works

eGFI - Dream up the Future

NOVA - What Will the Future

Be Like

Computer Science Network

National Science Foundation Discoveries

Physics World

Theories of the Cosmos

Invention at Play

The Science Spot - Chemistry

Kids Discover Quick Reads

Engineering Concepts for Kids

Instructables for Kids

NASA Engineering

STEM Works

Nobel Prize Winner Projects

Google Science Fair



States of Matter

Physical Changes Song

Properties of Matter

Solids, Liquids, Gases - Games and Activities

Changing States of Matter

The Matter Song

Physical Changes in Matter

Manipulating Matter

Dynamic Periodic Table

Nano - Matter on

Smaller Scale

What is Nano?

Nano Scale Informal

Science Network


Nano news

Nanooze Magazine

Force and Motion

Links on Forces

Using Force

Using a Ramp

Interactive Sites

Roller Coaster

How does friction work?

Force and Motion Games

Energy - Heat, Light,


Light Energy Websites

Lights and Shadows

Experiments in Sound

Energy Study Jams

Energy Game

Science News for Kids

MiniScience Experiments

Sound Science

"To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science."


— Albert Einstein

Scientists and Inventors

Inventor Bios for Kids

Pioneers in Energy

Inventors and Innovations

Famous Inventors

Water Cycle

Interactive Water Cycle

What Happens in the

Water Cycle

Water Science

Droplet and the Water Cycle

Fun with Water Cycle

Water Cycle Links


National Geo Kids

National Wildlife Fed

Classifying Animals Game

Animal Life Cycles


Animals for Kids

What is a Habitat?

Jungle Jeopardy

Ecosystem Game


Food Web Game

Food Fight

Various Food Webs

Additional Sites

Astronomy for Kids


Views of Universe

Earth Science

Geology Jeopardy

The Moon

Lunar Phases Interactive


Smithsonian Virtual Tour
Google Earth Moon
Planet In Action by Google
Eternal Ancient Egypt