Marvelous Math Links


Marvelous Math Links


Following are some recommended links to broaden your knowledge of the subjects we are learning in school:


Fact Practice

Academic Skill Builders


Math Magician

Math Games Fact

Practice - basketball, soccer

Math Fact Cafe

Speed Math Challenge

Sum Sense Addition

2 Digit Addition Game - Ghostbusters

Subtraction with Regrouping Games

Adding, Subtraction, Reducing Fractions

Skip Counting Games- Grades 1+

Multiplication Games

NumberNut for Kids

Memorizing Times Table Tips

Multiplication Division Strategies

Division with Remainders

Long Division Millionaire Game


US Mint Coin Games

Smart poem by Shel Silverstein

Birth of a Coin Video

Money -Count your coins

Money - Variety of coin games

Counting Money by ABCya

Shopping with coins

Variety of Money Games

Financial Literacy Games

Stock Market Game

BizKids Lemonade Game

Most Expensive Things in the World


Measurement Games

Capacity Games

Testing Measurement

Measurement Matching Game

Funbrain Find the Perimeter

Find the Missing Side using Perimeter

Find the Area Game\

Minecraft Volume

Area and Perimeter Webquest

Advanced Webquest

Designing Packages Webquest

Telling Time

Judy Clock Practice

Using a Judy Clock for telling time

Using Analog Clocks

Flashlight Time Game

What time is it?


Willy the Watchdog

Stop the Clock Game

Telling Time -Hero Michael

IXL Elapsed Time Game

That Quiz - Time

Math Skills and Practice

First in Math

Thinking Blocks

Math Playground

Math Practice Sites by Skills

Interactive Math Sites

Adapted Mind Games


K to 8 Math Games

Mr. Nussbaum Games

Greg Tang Math Website

FunBrain Games

Think Through Math

Math Chimp -available as an app too!

Braingenie - Math and Science Levels K - 12

Place Value

Shark Pool Place Value

Place Value Pirates

Place Value to the Thousands

Place Value Penguins

Place Value Hockey

Place Value Puzzler

Place Value Bingo using Base 10 blocks

Place Value Review Video

Place Value Menu of Skills

Place Value Games Gr.3+

Rounding Numbers

What is Rounding For?

Rounding Slides

Rounding Numbers Games

Decimals and Numbers in General

Using Decimals

Scooter Quest Decimal Game

Writing Really Large Numbers

How to Say Really Large Numbers

Really Large and Small Number Names

What are Prime Numbers?

Prime and Composite Numbers

Prime and Composite Game 2

Prime Factorization

Geometry - Shapes, Angles,etc.

Shapes Games

The Case of the Missing Shapes Webquest

Tessellations, Shapes Webquest

Geometry Shapes 2D and 3D games

3D Geometry Shapes

3D Tin App for building 3D renderings

Making Tangrams via TES iboard

Tangrams and Geometry Fun

Symmetry "Mirror"

Find the Coordinates with Billy the Bug

Alien Angles Game

Angles Quiz Game



Kahoot Game

Virtual Manipulatives

National Library of Manipulatives

Math Manipulatives

K-5 Teaching Strategies

Number Sense and Challenge Math

Number Sense Videos for Math

E-Learning Math for Kids -Grade K - 6th

MathMovesU - 6th+

Mental Math Games

Math Maven's Mysteries

Steve Millers' Math Riddles

Math Patterns in Numbers and Nature

Math Top 10 Puzzles

Math Pickle


WCES Math Club - Log into TISD Google Drive

Math Video Lessons

Math Puzzles and Riddles

Math TV - Videos by Topic

Advanced Cut the Knot Curriculum

Numbers of the Universe

KenKen Puzzles


Beginning with Fractions

Visual Fractions

Fraction Games

Pizza Party Game

Fraction Pizza Game

Comparing Fraction Games

Battleship Numberline

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fraction Bingo

Cross the River Fraction Game

Learn to Read a Ruler with Fractions

Fraction Webquest

Comparing Fractions

Fractions to Decimals Game

Fractions to Decimals Game 2