Lakewood Counseling Office

Welcome Back, Wildcat families!  What a great year we have planned!  We have so many great goals to accomplish this year and we will be tracking our progress everywhere you look.  Our theme this year is goal-setting and we will practice taking lots of baby steps to get to really great milestones.  It feels good to set goals and accomplish them.  That is success!

As your counselor, I am part of the whole school team helping to support you and your child's goals.   Part of meeting our goals is clearing hurdles that slow our progress.  Clearing life's "hurdles" are where I love to step in.  If you have important information about any family changes, I am here to offer resources and consult with your children.  If you have any special needs or concerns, I am happy to share with you what we can do to help.  Lakewood Elementary is committed to addressing anything that might affect the learning of our students.  Your advocacy for your children helps make our jobs easier.  I love to hear from you.