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Welcome to our Kindergarten Classroom website! I am excited to be joining Lakewood Elementary's amazing Kindergarten team this year. Please feel free to look around and subscribe to our website. 
Afternoon Snack - Please send a small healthy snack (no chips or cookies) with your child to eat after specials each day. The snack should be something that can be eaten without utensils. This is meant to help sustain them through the afternoon as our lunch is rather early in the day.
Water Bottles - Students are given the opportunity to have a water bottle in class as needed, as well as for after physical activity such as recess or PE. Please send a flip top reusable water bottle with your child's name on it for in class use.

8:10 - 8:30am

Student Drop Off


Rise and Shine in Cafeteria


Unpack In Classroom/Morning Work


Morning Meeting


Literacy Stations


Recess (weather permitting)

10:20 - 10:40am

Readers Workshop

10:40 - 10:50am

Word Work

10:51am - 11:21am


11:25 - 11:35am

Word Work

11:35 - 12:00

Read Aloud

12:00 - 12:20pm

Writer’s Workshop

12:20 - 12:50pm


12:55 - 1:55pm

Specials Rotation

2:00 - 2:10pm


2:05 - 2:40pm

Math Stations

2:40 - 3:20pm


3:20 - 3:45pm

Language Labs (Free Choice)

3:45 - 3:50pm


Specials Rotations:
Monday/Wednesday/ 1/2 Friday - Art or PE Rotation
Week 1 - Music - Heinrich
Week 2 - Art
Week 3 - Music - Bainbridge
Tues/Thurs/ 1/2 Friday - PE - Please make sure your child has appropriate athletic shoes for these days.

Recent Posts

End of Year Information

Good Morning Parents,

As we complete our academic year, please continue to check on Bloomz and your email daily for information from our school. This will ensure that you are informed and your child is prepared for the final school days of the year. 
Tuesday 5/30/2017
-Regular schedule
- Send backpacks as usual - We will be cleaning out our tubs with journals and folders.
•  Wednesday  5/31/17 - No backpacks
o We also encourage you to send disposable water bottles and disposable sack lunches on these days.
- Pizza Party starts at 11:00 in classroom
- If you choose, early check out procedures will be similar to program and Olympics, only parents or legal guardian can check out with me. All others will need to check out at the front office
- See Bloomz event post for more information on the End of Year Pizza Party
Thursday  6/1/17: No backpacks  
o We also encourage you to send disposable water bottles and disposable sack lunches on these days. Sack lunch will be served in the cafeteria. 
- Early Dismissal begins at 12:50 on Thursday, June 1st 
o Kindergarten – 4th grade students will be released at 12:50 pm.
o Please have an authorized adult meet your child at the bus stop approximately 3 hours before the regular scheduled arrival time. Ex. If the bus usually arrives at 4:00, early day arrival would be at 1:00
o If your child goes to daycare or another location after school, please share this information with your day care.
o Due to early dismissal, there are no lunch visitors on Thursday, June 1st.

Rise and Shine - Clarifications

Today was our first day of Rise and Shine. Our class will be presenting Rise and Shine in the gym this entire week (May 22 - 26). Rise and Shine starts promptly at 8:30am. If your child arrives after 8:30 or is absent, another student will fill in for their part. Every student has a speaking part each day, Monday - Friday. Each child has a script that was sent home last week. Please continue to practice this at home as we will also be practicing at school. 


Below are a few reminders about Rise and Shine:

  • Parents and family are welcome to attend.  I would recommend arriving at 8:10 am to allow time for parking and checking in to the office. Please bring a current form of identification with you.
  • Please make sure to park appropriately by avoiding bus lanes, fire lanes and please do not double park. 
  • After you check into the front office, please join us in the gym. Please stand around the perimeter of the gym and keep any younger siblings with you. You are welcome to take pictures and we will have a very short amount of time after for pictures, if you would like. 
  • Rise and Shine usually lasts about 10 - 20 minutes. 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me or send me a message on Bloomz.
Thank you,
Mrs. Smith

Rise and Shine

Good afternoon parents,

We wanted to share our great news! Our class will be hosting our Rise & Shine the week of May 22nd. Each one of our class members will have an opportunity to present a portion of this daily assembly. We have already been practicing and we would love to invite you to come observe our hard work as we work on skills to help us become better leaders.
We will begin our Rise & Shine the week of May 22nd promptly at 8:30 am in the Gym. It usually lasts about 10-15 minutes.
Please be sure to come early to secure parking and allow for time to check in at the front office. The front office opens at 8:10. You will need a current form of identification. Please be sure not to park in fire lanes and please do not double park. This will allow for access to all areas of our school. We have a parent viewing area around the perimeter of the gym.

Our class will begin Rise and Shine practice this week. Your child received their script today which shows the slide and the part they will say. Some parts are the same everyday, others change daily. Some students have a part that is shared with another student. 

You are welcome to begin practicing this part with your child at home each night. We will be practicing speaking each part fluently (not choppy) with a loud, clear speaking voice. Students will be using a microphone.

I will be posting updates as needed on Bloomz and our class webpage. Please note that as we begin practicing, your child's part may slightly change as we figure out any problem areas with our presentation.

Thank you for your support. The kids were SO excited when we talked about it today. 
Mrs. Smith

ABC End of Year Celebration

We are starting an ABC End of Year Celebration. Each day we will celebrate by doing an activity with each letter of the alphabet.

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 27th is the letter B. Your child may choose to bring a ball in their backpack (please write their name on it). Please make sure the ball fits in their backpack. Also, remind your student that the ball must stay in their backpack on the bus and during Rise and Shine. We will take them out to the playground for recess (weather pending). This is optional and your child is not required to have one. To ensure a smooth day, please send it with them in their backpack, rather than bring it to the office. (We don't want to overwhelm the front office with a delivery of playground balls to Kindergarten.)

To stay up to date with information about our classroom, please click the link on the right titled Parent/Teacher Communication to sign up for Bloomz. Bloomz is the primary technology source of communication for our classroom. 

Great Expectations - Word Masters

Dear Parents,

Word Masters is a new incentive we are doing at LES to motivate students to learn and use new vocabulary. More information can be found at the LES Website under the drop down menu - Academics -> GE Word Masters

Some of our students have already won for our grade level and have been featured on our LES Word Wall - way to go!!

This is the current link to the website. I have also attached the current Word Masters application. This week's word is quagmire.

Important Information in Wednesday Folder/Yellow Daily Folder

Dear Parents,
This is a friendly reminder that your child has a blue Wednesday Folder that goes home weekly and a yellow Daily Folder. Please help support communication between school and home by checking these folders on the days they are sent home. If the folder is cleaned out, it helps me see when you send a note to school and helps you see when something new is sent home.
Below is what was sent home yesterday (if your student was absent or left early they will receive their folders/papers when they return):
Wednesday Folders - October 5th
  • Fall Fundraiser information from PTO
  • Library Reading Program
  • October Scholastic Book Order (optional) due October 12th
  • A letter from our Homeroom Parent
  • Other community event flyers
Daily Yellow Folder - October 5th
  • If you have scheduled a parent conference, a confirmation note was sent home. Please sign and return the bottom portion. The top portion is for your records.
  • If you have not scheduled a parent conference, a letter was sent home about times currently available to meet with me. Please choose your top 3 times, and return the form. You are also welcome to use Bloomz to sign up for a conference.
  • 1st 9 Weeks Progress Report - if your child received an S or below, I will reassess their progress before Report Cards are submitted. We are practicing all of these concepts daily in class as well as in small group or one on one with me, as needed. These concepts are also listed for at home practice on the October calendar. I added a signature label on your child's Kindergarten Weekly Communication form. Please sign this label indicating you have received and reviewed your child's progress report for the 1st 9 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.
    • Letter Identification
    • Letter Sound Recognition
    • Numbers 0-5 - Reading, Writing and Identifying Amounts
    • Sight Words (first 12 on Heart Words list)
  • Kindergarten Weekly Communication Form - Please review this form at least once a week as I do write behavior expectations and information that pertains to your student. If something is noted, please sign the box for the week indicating that you saw my note. If nothing is written, then your child is meeting expectations at school and you do not need to sign for the current week.

Daily/Weekly Folders

A new October At Home Activities calendar is in your child's yellow Daily Folder.
Currently in class I am working on assessing your child's letter identification knowledge, letter sound knowledge, number concepts and sight words. This information will be shared with you at Parent Conferences as well as 1st 9 Weeks Report Cards. You can help your child by:
  • Adding the poem of the week (sent home on Thursdays) to the brads in the Yellow Daily Folder and practicing a few poems each night.
  • Reviewing the sight words taught up to this point (shown on October) calendar in Yellow Daily Folder). The monthly calendar has suggestions but,there are also lots of ideas on Pinterest and sight word apps for tablets.
  • Reading library books together. Read aloud to your child and have them pick out sight words that they know.
  • Practicing letter identification and sounds out of ABC order. For example: mix up letter cards and have your child tell you the name of the letter, the sound it makes and a word that starts with that sound.
Other work will be coming home in their Yellow Daily Folder. Please add the poems to the brads but, any other work can be kept at home each day. This is a great opportunity for your child to share with you what they did in class.
Thank you for your support in your child's growth this year.

Parent Orientation/Open House

Just a friendly reminder that Parent Orientation is tonight, Wednesday, September 7th at 6:00pm. Hope to see you there.