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Economics Vocabulary

Parents and Students,
We will have a Quizizz this week that counts as your vocabulary grade for social studies.  I created a Quizlet for you to practice your words until you know them well.  

Research project- Bookmark and Acrostic Samples

Describes what the expectations are for bookmark and acrostic poem made from research notes.

Getting ready for the STAAR reading test

We are working hard this 4th nine weeks to prepare the students for the STAAR reading test.  In order to be successful, your child needs to have a strong understanding of test vocabulary.  Many of these words appear in question stems.  I have posted a link to an online quizlet that they can use to study their vocabulary.  This link is for the first set of words.  I will post a second set soon.  

Fluency and comprehension practice

Another way your student can practice reading is by reading aloud and recording their own voice.  Google Fluency is a free app where they can read a passage into a computer mic and then play it back to listen.  When they finish practicing, there are 4 comprehension question to answer.  They submit their finished work to me and I'll score it and give them feedback.  It's very simple and most of the students really seem to enjoy it.  Here's the link:

What's new in reading?

Parents and families,
We've started a new year with some new opportunities in reading!  I just introduced your student to a new digital reader's notebook site.  This is a site where they will complete activities about the books they're reading.  They will complete their work and turn it in....all via their devices (ipad, laptop, desktop, Chromebook).  In addition to getting feedback on their work effort, they will receive "coins" as an incentive.  They trade in the coins for clothes and body parts for their owl avatar.  The students are very excited to get going.  Check out the link for yourself!

Character Dress Up Day

November 18th is our school wide character dress-up day.  We are encouraging our 3rd graders to dress up like one of the characters from their book report project.  That is just a suggestion, if they would prefer to dress up as a character from a different book they love, that is OK!  We are looking forward to having fun as we share our book reports while being in costumes!

Class Spelling Bee

This coming week, a letter will be sent home about the Spelling Bee!  All students are encouraged to participate.  Please sign and return the permission slip by 11/4 if you want to participate.  On that Friday, 100 word lists will be given to the participants.  The classroom bees will be held the week of November 14th.  The winner of the classroom bee goes on to compete in the campus bee held on December 13th.  I hope you will choose to be a part of the competition.  May the best speller win!